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A new parenting assessment measure has been developed by the Centre for Abuse and Trauma Studies at Middlesex University London (formerly Lifespan Research Group, Royal Holloway University of London).

The aim of the Parenting Role Interview (PRI) is to gather information on parent's or carer’s views of their parenting role. It can act as a standalone assessment measure of parenting, or as a supplement to the Attachment style Interview (ASI) to help understand further the potential implications of their partner relationship and attachment style for the nature of the parenting they may provide for their children.

PRI training is suitable for social workers and psychologists involved in child safeguarding services. Whilst this is not a forensic investigative assessment of child maltreatment, it gives a highly informative assessment of the parent's or carer's self-perception of their parenting role and provides a summary of felt and estimated competence and incompetence in parenting role. It also includes a summary of difficulties with children and positive and negative interaction.


"A tool that will improve effective engagement and assessment of clients."

"This tool is an excellent way of gathering information when assessing the prospective carers where there are children placed..."

"PRI has capacity for eliciting information about parenting and dynamic interactions that often takes weeks/months to obtain through other questioning"

"(I found the course) very helpful and informative..."

"A good assessment tool that will be helpful to engage parents with the real issues. Very good training. Thank you."

“I found the Parenting Role Inventory (PRI) extremely helpful in my clinical work with parents with complex needs... I would highly recommend this tool for practitioners working within social care and/or core CAMHS”.

"Trainer was very knowledgable and tailored timetable to our needs. Requests for sub-topics were acted on and incorporated. Very effective."

"Thank you to Catherine (trainer) for a very informative training and excellent knowledge and advice throughout the 2-day process."

delegate feedback, April 2011 - November 2016



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